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Our Mission

Remove the stress associated with unwanted items.

Spaceback - removing stress by removing "stuff"

our Story

We think we have a win win win story:

  • Customers win because they get rid of unwanted stuff.
  • Spaceback wins because we make a living.
  • Everyone wins because needy people get useful stuff, customers get tax write offs and we can feel a little better knowing we helped people and the environment.


We are not the giant junk out guys with big marketing budgets (which have to be paid by someone) and we are not Joe Doe (possibly without liability and workers comp insurance)  - we are local family based business who genuinely care about the services we offer.  

We didn't invent the concept, but we sure are making it better.  Our goal is to provide the professional service you need, and to do as much good as possible with what we remove - up to and including lessening the impact on the environment by correctly disposing of chemicals and incinerating end waste versus adding it to landfills.  Anything we dontate, we do so in your name and get the tax write off paperwork right back to you.

Give us a try - the only thing you have to loose is the stuff you want to get rid of anyway!